Concert for Peace:The World is About to Turn

Annual Peace Concert-Glenview Community Church, 1000 Elm Street, Glenview, IL

This Sunday I will be singing in this annual peace concert. I have the honor of singing 3 art songs written by the wonderful composer and spiritual leader Reverend Bobbie McKay. She wrote the songs in response to my memoir "Walk Until Sunrise." It is truly an honor to premiere these works!!!

I'm just one of many performers. You'll here works for string quartet, a jazz combo and world music:

The Simple Gifts Concert Series of the Glenview Community Church hosts a concert exploring the theme of peace. Singer-songwriter Linda Marie Smith Gary Wendt-organ Katherine Hughes-violin HAWK String Quartet (violinist Carol Kalvonjian, violist Ray Ostwald, and cellist Jill Kaeding,), Kevin Kizer-sax, Kent Wehman-piano, Ken Haebich-bass, and Neal Wehman-drums Turkish American Society of Mount Prospect Glenview Community Church Chancel Choir Elliot Dvorin of the Key Tov Orchestra.

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