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Jade J. Maze: Press

Sojourn's single vocal contribution comes from the gifted singer Jade Maze on a melancholy ballad in the 'pop' vein, "I'll Let You Break My Heart Again." Maze's soulful rendition of Williams' words provides a beautiful realization to this recording's pervasive lyrical nature. (Mar 22, 2011)
Re "Duo" -This CD is impeccable and relaxing. Jade's vocal delivery is honest and the voice has a lot of depth--the lady has something to say. Buddy's guitar on "Always on my Mind" will choke you up. Great romance music. Really nice. My favorite song? "Subtle Moon".
Walter Rego - SB News Press (Aug 26, 2008)
It's swing time with strings as longtime Chicago pianist Bradley Williams presents 12 original tunes performed by his piano trio with a shimmering string quartet on his new release, "Sojourn." Starting things off with a lovely waltz ("Onward and Sideways") featuring cellist Cheng-Hou Lee's long lines, Williams' sparkling piano flourishes and some nifty pizzicato work from fellow quartet members Blaise Magniere and Marie Wang (violins) and Tony Devroye (viola). ..Singer Jade Maze makes her appearance on the only vocal number of the set, "I'll Let You Break My Heart Again" a delightful pop tune that again points out Williams' wide-ranging abilities, while the haunting title track ends this unique gem of a recording. Well-played, written and recorded, Sojourn is a compelling and refreshing recording with a strong sense of nostalgia for the days when melodies and strings were the norm, not the exception.
Bradley Williams premieres "Sojourn" live on March 25 at the DePaul University Concert Hall
Brad Walseth - (Mar 2, 2011)
Re: Sojourn CD by Bradley Williams...

Brad, your new CD is beautiful and Jade sings just great on it. She has a beautiful voice...
Sheila Jordan (Feb 25, 2011)
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. championed a message of peace and equality, and people of all backgrounds and ages made their way Monday night to Symphony Center to celebrate it. Founder and director Paul Freeman and his Chicago Sinfonietta's creatively charged programming elevated this annual civil rights tribute to lofty new heights.

The orchestra opened with the brief "Celebration!" by Adolphus Hailstork, a colorful Coplandesque setting that evoked the deep American Southwest. The famed Broadway composer Morton Gould set six spirituals to orchestra in his "Revival," which showcased the Sinfonietta's warm, luxuriant strings.

An inspiring programmatic inclusion was music by the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, a black composer/violin virtuoso in Mozart's day, who now rarely finds his way into the concert hall. The Symphonie Concertante in G Major for two violins sang admirably under its soloists Christina Castelli and Melissa White. Their timing and harmony were occasionally imperfect, but these two young violinists each tackled the work's virtuosic passages with a dramatic energy...

The show's second half was devoted entirely to stirring spirituals as sung by some 150 silver-gowned choristers from the Apostolic Church of God Sanctuary Choir. Tenor James Hudson's impassioned solo in "Midnight Cry" received the night's longest ovation, and alto Jade Maze's spirited singing in "Anthem of Praise" got all hands clapping.

Freeman traditionally closes this tribute concert by having the entire audience join hands to sing "We Shall Overcome." To hear 2,000 people gleefully come together in this affirming benediction would have been just what the good doctor ordered.

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...After the intermission was “From the Arctic to the Middle East: Broken Narratives by an American Flamenco Dancer.” This was anchored by the glorious original music by Gibons who performed on violin. Also in his ensemble were Jade Maze, who sang gripping vocals entirely on simple syllables; Alex Wing on stylish contrabass or oud and Javier Saume who offered sly percussion. Gibons’s third stream classical music was memorable, vivid and beautiful and there was fascinating interplay between musicians and dancers, including the musicians sometimes moving and interweaving with the dance troupe.